What Happens During an Event Planning?

  1. Consultation – when hiring and event planner they will set a meet up so that they can do a consultation they will show you different kind of events they have organized and let you choose as well a theme that you want. 


A planner will ask you all the details that you want to have on your event and also help you and guide you. They can provide options and suggestion for your event to be the best and memorable.  


From location, time, menu, a number of guests, table rentals Stamford ct and a lot more you need to have it prepared for them and provide them specifics on what you need more. They will also ask you on your budget so that they can go with that and help you all fit that in. 

  1. Select the venue – you may already have a venue in mind but if none the planner will help you find the best venue that would match your theme. It is best since they will do all the calling, reservation and booking. Then they will do a visit to the venue.  


You can be there with them so that they can show you on what they plan to do with space to where they will arrange your tables, chairs, entertainment and a whole lot more. They will make sure that every space for your event will make use of, beautiful and would be functional. 


  1. Select the Menu – the planner will ask you some specifics on what you want on your menu or if you already have a caterer in mind if none they will give you a lot of great choices to choose from great caterers and menus. 


They will make sure that everything will be taken care of from your menu, servers, tables, chairs, and drinks so that you don’t need to worry about a thing. They can even prepare mini bars for you if you request for it sure they will make your entire request possible.  


  1. Transportation – event planners can also take care of the transportation needed for your event you may have guessed that needs service like from out of the country or out of town, they can help you set up a pickup and deliver your guest in good hands. In that way, it is really convenient for your guest.  


  1. Coordinate details – your planner is a good multi taker they will be the one who will take care of all the services that are needed for your event for it to go smoothly without any problem.  They will schedule all the things that are needed for your event from your decoration, entertainment, and a lot more surely there will be no detail left out or missed.  


All you need is to relax, entertain your guest and enjoy their company and hiring a planner will surely give you an easy time but the great advantage is that knowing everything is covered for you and that can be a lo stress-free 


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