Tips for Cleaning Office Chairs

According to statistics, people spend more than 30 years of their lives in bed. However, what about all the time people spend sitting in office chairs? Oftentimes, people overlook the furniture that supports them in their daily work.  

Workplace seating and desk chairs are one of the most-used items in the office. People believe that these chairs are simply part of the furniture. That is why they are often ignored when it comes to cleaning.  

Unfortunately, that should not be the case. You have to clean and maintain your office chairs to ensure they’re safe for your employees and clients. If you’re planning to do some office cleaning, then you should include office chairs as well.  

These chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. That’s why they vary in cleaning methods. The ideal way to approach deep cleaning your chairs is to consider the materials they’re made from.  

However, it does not matter what type of fabric you’re working with, there are a couple of general tips you can follow when it comes to cleaning your office chair. This includes: 

  • Do Not Pour or Tip Cleaning Solutions onto Fabric Surfaces 

The ideal method is to use a cloth. You can also try to sprinkle the cleaning solution. However, you’ve got to follow the instructions properly.  

  • Spot Test New Products 

Before you use a new product for your office chair, make sure you spot test them. This will help ensure they’re safe and won’t damage your chair.  

  • Get Rid of Debris or Dust 

Use a vacuum nozzle or a handheld hoover to get rid of dust. This is particularly true when it comes to those tricky corners and cracks.  

Cleaning Fabric Chairs 

The ideal way to clean fabric chairs is to read the labels. Usually, fabric chairs have labels that indicate how to properly clean them. There are a couple of common symbols that may help you choose how to clean it: 

  • “C” – You can use Crypton cleaning 
  • “X” – You’ll need to hire a professional 
  • “SW” or “WS” – You can use water-based or dry-cleaning products 
  • “S” – Use a water-free solvent product 
  • “W” – You can use a water-based cleaning product 

Cleaning Mesh Chairs 

Mesh might appear a bit difficult to clean. However, it is quite straightforward. First, you have to get rid of debris and dust from your chair using a vacuum cleaner.  

Next, use a bit of damp cloth to wash the mesh elements  of the chair. Make sure you’re gentle when doing this to avoid damaging the mesh material. 

Cleaning Plastic Chairs 

One of the easiest materials to clean is plastic. You can do the job by simply using a warm, damp cloth and a simple spray of antibacterial cleaner. Also, do not utilize heavy-duty chemical sprays or scouring products to prevent damages.  

If you think it’s difficult to clean office chairs, don’t worry. You can always rely on a professional office cleaning company for help. Office cleaning services typically include chair cleaning, aside from cleaning areas in your office.  

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